Jari HaapalaineN

Musician, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, Composer

A Taste Of Ra: Morning Of My Life [2007]

Avantgardet: Smile and Wave [2020] / Bottna + Shutter Island [2021] / Resten Av Livet + Fortfarande Napoleon [2021] / Alla Tvivel + One Way Till Himmelen [2021]

Mattias Alkberg BD: Ditt Hjärta Är En Stjärna [2006] / Sista Dan Tillsammans (with Frida Hyvönen) [2005]

The Bear Quartet: Penny Century / Cosy Den / Family Affair / Revisited EP / Everybody Else / It Only Takes A Flashlight To Create A Monster EP / Flux Detail EP / Holy Holy / Tibet EP / Moby Dick / Before The Trenches EP / His Spine EP / Personality Crisis / Mom And Dad EP / Human Enough EP / My War / Old Friends EP / I Don’t Wanna EP / Gay Icon / Fuck Your Slow Songs EP / Load It EP / Ny Våg / Number EP / Early Years / Angry Brigade / Ask Me Don’t Axe Me EP / All Your Life EP / Saturday Night / I Have An Itch EP / Eternity Now / 89 / Monty Python

Birgit Bidder: The Life Home

Black Belt: Two Minutes To Midnight

Camera Obscura: Let’s Get Out Of This Country / My Maudlin Career

Club 8: The People’s Record

The Concretes: The Concretes / Hey Trouble

Crash Nomada: Crash Nomada

Nicolai Dunger: Soul Rush / Blind Blemished Blues / A Dress Book / Sweat Her Kiss Ÿ/
Nicollide And The Carmic Retribution / Ballad Of This Land / Det Gåtfulla Folket

Dräp En Hund: Be Yourself

Eldkvarn: Atlantis / Svart Blogg / Hunger Hotell / De Berömdas Aveny / Svart Gig / Resan Hem (with Rebecka Törnqvist )

Anna Maria Espinosa: Glowing With You

Emma Essinger: Bang Bang / Easy

Existensminimum: One Day I Shall Die / The Knees

Kajsa Grytt: Brott & Straff – Historier Från Ett Kvinnofängelse / En Kvinna Under Påverkan / Jag Ler, Jag Dör / Om Natten Är Alla Änkor Grå (with Malena)

Ed Harcourt: Strangers / The Beautiful Lie / Elephant’s Graveyard

Sofia Härdig: Illuminate / Let Me Fall / Hellacopter

Heikki: Heikki / Heikki II

The Hives: Veni Vidi Vicious

Honey Is Cool: Bolero! EP / Early Morning Are You Working? / Baby Jane EP

Frida Hyvönen
: Until Death Comes / Silence Is Wild / To The Soul

{ingenting}: Tomhet, Idel Tomhet / #STXLM / Månblod – Vital Frustration Version

The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Survival Sickness / A New Morning, Changing Weather / Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP / Smash It Up! EP / The Reproduction Of Death EP / Capitalism Stole My Virginity EP / Up For Sale EP 

Ishaaq: D-Vitamin [2018] / Svag Karaktär [2018] / White Now Triple Power [2019] / Best Of Klasson [2021] / Achha – Back To The Roots – Remix [2021]

David Josephson: Misslyckandets Estetik / Sthlm C / Stockholm Är En Bra Plats Att Leva På När Man Är Död

Theodor Jensen: Tough Love

JH3–Jari Haapalainen Trio: Fusion Machine [2016]  / Fusion Madness  [2017] / Fusion Nation [2017] / Fusion Live [2018] / Fusion Forever [2020]

Johnossi: All They Ever Wanted / 18 Karat Gold EP / Party With My Pain EP

Markus Krunegård: Rastlöst Blod / Härskarens Teknik EP / Maria & Jag / Tårarna / 3:ans Spårvagn Genom Ljuva Livet

Laakso: Long Beach / I Miss You, I’m Pregnant / My Gods  / Mother Am I Good Looking? / Grateful Dead

Lacrosse: Bandages For The Heart

Little Red Snapper: Morning Light

The Lovable Tulips: Fortune Favours The Brave / I Am Just A Heart

The Magic Numbers: Love’s A Game / Forever Lost / I See You, You See Me / Wheels On Fire

MaidaVale: Madness Is Too Pure

Eric Malmberg
: Verklighet & Beat

Mary-Go-Round: Plays Golden Hits / Mary-Go-Round / A Simple Sensation / Locked / Into The Morgue

Mary the First: You Must Be Strong EP / Digital Labour [2020]

Moneybrother: Thunder In My Heart / Blood Panic / To Die Alone / Real Control

Monster: Close To Nothing

Nervous City Nervous Self: G-d Knows What – Health Source Remix

Nord & Syd: Åt Helvete Med Allt / Alla Mina Vänner

Christine Owman: Bridges / That Low

Park Hotell: Free For Friends

Per Texas Johansson: Stråk På Himlen Och Stora Hus [2019]

The Plan: Walk For Gold

Present Square: l [2018] / ll [2019] / lll [2020]

Rhonda Star: Stranger [2020] / Rain And Champagne [2020]

Sahara Hotnights: Sahara Hotnights

Samling: Annanstans

Christopher Sander: Jorden Var Rund

Siri Karlsson: Gran Fuego / The Lost Colony / Shake Shake Love / HORROR VACUI / Ouaga Sessions / Let’s Go – Vital Frustration Version

Stella Rocket: Stella Rocket

The Tiny: Starring; Someone Like You

Titiyo: Blåjeans Och Stjärnljus

True Moon: True Moon / ll

Rebecka Törnqvist: Scorpions / Vad Tänker Han På? (with Peter Lindberg)

Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck: Northern Blues / Leaving Songs / So Much For Staying Alive

Vega: For Retarded Lovers / Sole Love

Vånna Inget: Ingen Botten

Walking Baß: Afraid Of Heights [2020]



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